About Us

Introducing GAME

Our Mission

GAME is a non-profit professional organization that advances the philosophy that we are in an evolving world that is constantly becoming more and more connected. Our mission is to ensure that managers, executives, and future leaders are better
prepared to handle an evolving world. We do this through networking events,
seminars, and education.

 Our Vision

Today, GAME has over 200 full members, and 150 student members across seven countries: the United States, Canada, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Greece. We envision our organization growing with representation across the Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and Africa.

Our Guiding Values

These underlying values guide and inform
our work:

The world continually evolves and changes. What was the norm yesterday, may not
be the standard tomorrow. Because of this, we believe in teaching how to lead
agile organizations and encourage our members to teach one another the
importance of agility.

Organizations and their leaders are often looked at to show entrepreneurs the
importance of respect, integrity, and fairness. Our members are expected to
exhibit these principles in their companies, towards their employees, and their

At the foundation of every leader is the ability to coach and train. For our
organization and our members to continue the right path, our members are
expected to help show future generations through hosting seminars, webinars,
and lectures. Students are encouraged to join us, so they learn from some of
the best business leaders. Senior members are encouraged to share their stories
and mentor newer members and student members. In addition, our members are
encouraged to enroll regularly in continuing education courses and through one
of our educational partners.

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Address: 100 Barranca St. West Covina, California 91791