Global Association of Managers and Executives (GAME)

  • Internationally recognized specialist programs
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  • Networking opportunities with international chapters
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There are memberships for every leader and future leader in mind. From corporate memberships for organizations, memberships for executives and managers, to retired professionals, educators, military veterans, and students. Check out more information on our Membership Page.



***Bonus for ALL members: Aside from our excellent seminars, webinars, and events, you have the exclusive ability to enroll in courses with one of our partner universities. Enrich yourself by taking courses towards a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. Admission requirements vary based on program and level.

GAME Memberships

About GAME

Our Mission

GAME is a non-profit professional organization that advances the philosophy that we are in an evolving world that is constantly becoming more and more connected. Our mission is to ensure that managers, executives, and future leaders are better prepared to handle an evolving world. We do this through networking events, seminars, and education.